Sandy Paws Veterinary Animal Clinic Dr. John P Mead, DVM
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Welcome to Sandy Paws Veterinary Clinic

Welcome, and thank you for choosing Sandy Paws Veterinary Clinic, whose mission is to offer a sensible, compassionate and thoughtful solution to your pet’s health and wellness.


The clinic is located in the historic Ermee Plaza on North Redington Beach. Stop by and visit the beautiful location and meet the friendly and compassionate staff.

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Tuesday – Friday
8:30am – 12:30pm
2pm – 6pm

8:30am – 1pm

Sunday & Monday


Latest News

Dear Clients,

This week marks our last. We announced our closure a month ago and we just want to update you on some key details.

1. Our last business day will be tomorrow, September 28, 2016.

2. Your patient records will be available at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital and Kennels. They are located on Oakhurst Road in Seminole just off the Park Blvd bridge.

There you will find the kind and compassionate care you are accustomed to, plus the convenience of proximity from our location, extended business hours, and a wealth of additional services. The teams at Sandy Paws and Oakhurst also depend on the same, excellent specialty veterinarians which is important to keep in mind in case your pet needs additional or extended medical treatment.

Their contact info:

Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital
7785 Oakhurst Rd.,
Seminole, FL 33776
Ph: (727) 391-9784

We thank you again for entrusting your pets with us at Sandy Paws, and wish all of you the very best.

Thank you,
John Mead, DVM
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2 days ago

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Kate FierceI will forever be grateful for the care you provided to my cats. You are something special and will be greatly missed!2 days ago
Tami Cdl MadScientistYou will ALWAYS be our number one! If you ever decide to come back and open a practice we will all be back! Just know you are the kindest, most caring vet and your dedicated patients will furever have you, your staff and family in our hearts! 💖🐶💖🐱💖 Love, Tami, Molly and little Bean2 days ago   ·  4
Sharon Porter DabneyIf you ever re open or go to work locally please let us know. There is no better vet than you and I am very saddened by the closing.2 days ago
Joy Boileau McIntyreWe are so grateful my daughter found you and for the excellent care Bell has received since day one. Thank you and your great staff for your service and friendship. If you open another practice, let us know, we will come back. People thought I was nuts to drive all the way from Bradenton to your office, I told them nothng but the best for our Bell. Bless you, we wish you nothing but the best. Joy, Butch and Bell. <32 days ago
Donna Summers PapaYou will be sorely missed but we wish you all the best.2 days ago   ·  1
Lindsay BenkertThank you for all you have done for both Ginger and Logan, but especially Ginger! You will be greatly missed!2 days ago
Michele DeJulioThank you and your staff for the caring and compassion you have given all of your patients . You will be truly missed. Good luck wherever you go. Abby and Jetta🐶🐱2 days ago   ·  1
Missy Hammons GonzalezWe all thank you and wish you nothing but the best in your future 🐶❤2 days ago
Eileen Webb BartleyStill so very sad. Dr. Mead, you and your staff are the very very best and will be greatly missed. Not only are you so extremely knowledgeable, intelligent and compassionate, you are good peeps! Our family, including our fur babies will miss you terribly. Thoughts and good vibes sent!!!2 days ago   ·  3
Kimberly StevensI'm soooooo sad! Was so happy to find your office, everyone always so nice and they knew who we were right when we came in even if just picking up flea medicine! You all will be greatly missed!😥 thank you for the great service!1 day ago
Patricia A CampbellI was so sorry to hear this, Dr. Mead. I wish you all the best. lease let me know if you'd like to come back to Florida - maybe we could work together??1 day ago
Rhubekhah MelkweedThank you for teaching us to take better care of our cat family. Best wishes to you all, in our thoughts. You all have very large shoes to fill. Dolly Higgins, Mr. Baby Cat, Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and Mike Sedita1 day ago
Vanessa Diana LeVesqueDr Meade we will miss you so much! Thank you for the best care ever. You are an amazing veterinarian and I wish you and your family all the best.1 day ago
Tim ChurchWe miss you already, John. Keep in touch. Free beer at my house any time!1 day ago   ·  2
Jody BarrySoo sad to see you go. Thank you for your expertise, compassion, and wisdom when treating our fur babies. We will all miss you..Good luck in your future endeavors!22 hours ago
Jane McGeheeVery best of luck to you and yours, sad you have had to close a very wonderful clinic.21 hours ago
Lisa SkrabakWe will miss you......Cash 💜21 hours ago
Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital and KennelsWe wish you all the best Dr. Mead and will promise to take excellent care of your patients. Thank you for entrusting us with their continued care. We know that they will all miss you very much, but we will be here to provide them with the best medical care that we can provide. All of Dr. Mead's clients are welcome to stop by our hospital anytime for a tour of our facility and so that we may answer any questions that you may have. We know you all want the best care for your pets! Best wishes for your future endeavors Dr. Mead!20 hours ago   ·  2
Annmartine RinkerWe are so sad to see you go Dr Mead but wish you the best for your move. We really appreciate all the wonderful care you and your team gave to Aero and Skyla. 🐾16 hours ago
Debbie ShoresI still can't believe it. So glad we stopped in today to say goodbye. 😣❤15 hours ago   ·  2
Mari Campbell13 hours ago   ·  1
Mari CampbellLost the best Vet ever!13 hours ago   ·  3
Carolynn RussellThank you Dr. Mead for taking such good care of my girl. You will be truly missed. Your staff was exceptional and I only wish the best for you all. 🐶❤️13 hours ago
Kate SpangenburgWe wish you all good things, thank you for all your knowledge and compassion. You are an amazing vet and an amazing human. Kate and David, Skipper and Scout13 hours ago

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Stay safe! Sandy Paws will be closed this afternoon due to the weather. If you have an emergency please call (727) 531-5752 Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Dear Friends,

It is with sincere and deep regret that I announce the impending closure of Sandy Paws Veterinary Clinic. As some of you are aware, serious and insurmountable family and medical issues have forced me to make this extremely difficult decision. Our last day of business will be September 28th, 2016.

I extend my most heartfelt gratitude to each of you for entrusting your animals’ care with us at Sandy Paws. That said, I cannot write this letter without praising my dedicated staff, whose exceptional care, professionalism, and love have helped make Sandy Paws what it is.

Sandy Paws' appointments, record requests, medications, and preventatives will continue to be available to our clients through the 28th of September. Following the clinic's closure, all records will be transferred to Pet Pal Veterinary Clinic. While I certainly encourage you to utilize Pet Pal’s compassionate care, it is by no means required.

Thank you all for your understanding in this challenging time. I will sincerely treasure the connections I have made with you and your wonderful pets, whom I have cared for as if they were my own.

Kindest regards,
John Mead, DVM
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1 month ago

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Julia ZenzDr. Mead, You, Bethany, and your staff have been so kind and compassionate to our family and we want you to know how much we appreciate everything you have done for us. This is so sad to hear, know you are all in our thoughts and prayers, and we hope the best for all of you. Thank you for everything. - Brad and Julia1 month ago
Terry MeeksDr. Mead - I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I have always thought of myself as one of your biggest fans - but I know you have many many biggest fans. So sad to hear this, and will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. You have been a life saver for many a dog in my life, beginning with your time at the SPCA, Pet Pal, and now Sandy Paws. It seems so simple to say Thank You, but it's all I have.1 month ago   ·  5
Tami Cdl MadScientistJust heartbroken. Prayers that you and your family will be ok. You and your staff are the best ever! Your knowledge, love and caring is beyond amazing. Keeping you in our thoughts daily. Love, Tami, Molly & Bean1 month ago
Maureen McMillan HendersonThis is so sad. You have done so much for so many. I hope life returns the same goodness and happiness to you in whatever your future holds for you.1 month ago   ·  3
Dayle Mangum BurgerYour passion to help animals is beyond words. So sad to hear of this. Best wishes to you and your family.1 month ago   ·  1
Kim JacksonI thank you for all you did for Bernard! I miss Bea and I'm so sorry that we won't have you all here. Good luck going forward!!!1 month ago
Donna Summers PapaSo sorry to hear of this rough patch. You and your employees are the best ever and will rebound quickly to something even greater.1 month ago
LuAnn Countryman BurtonA BIG THANK YOU! Goes out to all of you, Iowa & Tiny had the most awesome care, we will be forever great full to you all. We will miss all of you. Good luck Dr. Mead to you and your family. Brian & Lu Ann, & Buster.1 month ago
Angel MyersBest wishes for you and your family, Dr. Mead. It was a pleasure having you take care of Ash and Wesley.1 month ago
Carol BrowneSending love and comfort to the best veterinarian on the planet and to a wonderful staff. We miss you here in Texas. prayers for all of you.1 month ago
Eileen Webb BartleyDr. Mead and staff, I am so very sorry to hear this. You will be greatly missed. Thank you so very much for the amazing care you gave my fur babies and for sharing your extensive knowledge. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. Good vibes sent! Yas are the very very best.1 month ago
Kimberlie RoseI am just heartbroken and devastated by this news. Dr. Mead, you are by far the best vet we have ever been to. I never imagined I would be brought to tears by the loss of a vet, but your amazing care and compassion meant so much to us as you helped us thru a difficult time with our sweet Sydney. You will be greatly missed, but we wish you the best in whatever the future holds for you. Kim, Sydney & Leila1 month ago   ·  2
Wendy StevensMe and the boys are heartbroken! You saved my Spikes life twice and have been with us threw everything! You are the best there is and you will be very missed! Much love and positive energy is going your way 🐾❤️1 month ago   ·  2
Kathleen Ebert-BracyNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I am DEVASTATED by this news!!!!! I am actually in complete panic mode as to who I can entrust Ellie with now!!! I am in tears over this!!!!..... I will please need to see you before you close, so we can make a plan for Ellie & her cushings! I have NEVER met a more talented, caring, trusted vet in my whole life and we will miss you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!1 month ago   ·  4
Gina EngererDr. John, we are so sorry to hear this. I am at a loss for words. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Know that you are loved and thought of often. Miss you, Love, Gina, Dale, Chase, Hunter and Eli.1 month ago
Cecilia NievesDr Mead, I'm so sorry to hear. Please keep in touch.1 month ago
Mari CampbellWe wish you the best and will definitely miss you. We drove all the way from New Port Richey because you took such great care with our Libby. Good luck and thank you again !1 month ago
Cathie McLaughlin TheriaultSo sorry to hear this.. You and your staff are wonderful. Wishing you all the best! Best vet I've ever been to!1 month ago
Vanessa Diana LeVesqueI'm so sad. You are literally the best veterinarian I have ever known. I am truly saddened for anything that your family may be going through and we wish you all the best. Hope everything works out ok for you all. Thank you for the amazing service and we will truly miss you.1 month ago   ·  1
Peggy Herlache:(. We will see you tomorrow for Alice's appointment. Very sorry to hear this and hoping for the best for your future plans1 month ago
Kara MarieIm just heartbroken.... Sandy Paws is the BEST vet in the whole wide world and the ONLY vet I trusted with my fur babies😓...Dr. Meade thanks so much for always going out of your way for all my fur kids and rescue pups. I'm sad to see you close and can't thank you enough for all you have done for my babies 💜🐶1 month ago   ·  3
Brid ShieldsYou will all be sooooo missed Great office providing the best care, hard to find such a dedicated group1 month ago
Deb HollandTerribly Sorry to hear this news -- wishing the best for you and your family -- your dedication, insight and compassion For our dogs have changed our lives with our fur kids in many positive ways. You will be greatly missed as an outstanding Vet and admirable human being.1 month ago   ·  3
Linda BraySo sad to hear the news... You have a caring & impeccable reputation... Wishing you all the best💔1 month ago
Jeanna OrphanidysSorry to hear this news. God bless you and your family. And thank you for being the the great and caring vet that you are.1 month ago

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